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Visit the home of Wisconsin's very own fairy tale

Nestled in the heart of Wisconsin’s Northwoods is an amazing story of success, innovation and persistence that will inspire and amaze you, a story that proves “truth is stranger than fiction”.

In the 1930's, the Fromm Bros. Farm was noted to be the largest commercial fur farm in the world, known as the home of the "million dollar foxes" after the New York Auction Co. wrote a $1.3 million check for the fox pelts in 1929. After losing 1/3 of their foxes to disease, the Fromms invested $1 million and hired a researcher who developed a distemper vaccine which is still used in animals today. In 1934 they built a grand 5600 square-foot clubhouse to entertain the world's most elite guests. This clubhouse can be toured in its original condition, including an original 1935 Brunswick four-lane bowling alley.

We will be dark for a few weeks, starting the end of May 2013

FoxTale Silver Fox Retreat